Instead of Eye Surgery, A Surfer Takes Matters into His Own Hands

Possibly because of surfers’ constant contact with the sun and elements, an eye problem dubbed surfer’s eye is common in this sport.  When a 61-year-old surfer developed the problem,...

Brazilian Man Found With Celiac-Related Brain Stones

While many people get headaches from time to time, one man from Brazil suffered a 10-year run of headaches related to hidden celiac disease.  When doctors tried treating the...

A Woman’s Mysterious Case of Psychosis Was Caused by Gluten

Gluten has taken a hit lately with many people opting to go gluten-free.  But one 37-year-old woman truly does need to avoid the protein, which is found in wheat,...

One Hallucination That’s Triggered by Eye Disease, Not Mental Illness

If an older person says they see people or objects that aren’t there, you might assume it’s another case of the elderly losing their mind.  Yet in about 10%...

Good Samaritan Gets Necrotic Ulcer After Rescuing Kitten

If a teenage girl sees a kitten in trouble, it’s only natural for her to help.  One day, a 17-year-old girl in the Netherlands came to a drowning kitten’s...

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Amniotic Membrane Transplantation Uses Embryonic Tissue to Treat Eye Disorders

Grafting tissue to help the body heal and cover flaws is nothing new—but it’s not as common to hear about transplanting tissues for your eyes. However, medical...

New Research: Autism and High Estrogen Levels May Be Linked

In the past few years, a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge have explored the correlation between testosterone and autism, with some evidence to boot. 

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