mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Diet: Should You Try It?

Studies have shown that people who reside within the Mediterranean region live longer and healthier lives than their American counterparts. It has long been...

Are Intestinal Parasites on the Rise? These Types Might Be.

Here in the US, where food is certified and regulated, you don’t expect to come away from a restaurant with an intestinal parasite. However,...

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Women Beware: Uterine Cancer Rates Are Rising

Deaths from Uterine Cancer Are Rising—Highest Among Black Women Thanks to modern medicine, most types of cancer are on the decline today. However, a new CDC report shows that uterine...

New Tick Species in the U.S Could Be Dangerous

Tickborne diseases continue to be a problem in the United States. And the problem may have just gotten worse. According to a weekly report by the Centers for Disease Control...

Chinese Scientist Unapologetic for Gene – Edited Babies

Did a Chinese Scientist Really Perform Gene Editing? Recently, Chinese scientist Dr. He Jiankui made a statement of historical proportions. Jiankui says he successfully brought 2 gene-edited babies into the...

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holiday parties

Avoiding Extra Calories at Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are fun social gatherings, but they can also be diet disasters. Here's how to enjoy yourself while sparing yourself hundreds of extra calories. First, eat healthy in the hours leading up to the...
benefits of probiotics as healthy bacteria

Benefits of Probiotics: Why You Should Take One Every Day

When most people hear the word bacteria, they want to run in the other direction. However, there are types of bacteria that are good for the human body too. In order for people to...
Eating cucumbers can help lower blood sugar.

Need to Lower Blood Sugar? Why Diabetics Should Try Eating Cucumber

Diabetes is a huge problem for Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 30 million Americans are dealing with the condition. As a result, it is crucial that...
Eating collagen in protein powder smoothies

Why Are People Eating Collagen? Is It the Next Great Supplement?

All health and wellness trends point towards collagen—not the kind that's already in your body, but the kind you buy at a health store. Like most fads, science doesn't entirely back up the use...

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