When Should I Break the Pregnancy News?

The 12 week mark of your pregnancy is generally considered the ideal time to be sharing your exciting news. Why is that? One reason is the fear of miscarriage, which commonly occurs during the first trimester. With that said, the risk of miscarriage decreases with each week of pregnancy. Therefore, though waiting until week 12 may give you peace of mind, it is really only based upon tradition. In fact, many women say that if in the worst case scenario a miscarriage did occur, they would want the support from their loved ones through that dark time. As a result, if you choose to refrain from telling them, they haven’t gone through it with you and you may find that this may cause you to feel more alone in the situation.

Switch It Up

These days there are many routes of delivering information. Among the most common current methods is through social media, which leaves little to the imagination. But, not every announcement needs to be transmitted this way. Another option is to tell your close friends and family as soon as you feel the urge, and maybe hold off on the Facebook or Instagram announcements. Once again, telling the people close to you doesn’t only feed into your own excitement and joy, it also might provide support and understanding for you on those days when the first trimester woes have you down. Between nausea, extreme fatigue, and headaches, you have a lot to handle. Being able to share secrets and tips with other mothers, or just know there are people to talk to, can make a huge difference. Plus, you won’t have to make excuses or sneak around with secrets, which adds stress on top of all that you’re already going through. Waiting to tell the more distant friends and family members helps you to avoid unwanted advice, or breaking uncomfortable news that you may not be ready to share.

Employment Woes

Telling your employer is another hurdle you must go through. Some women dread this moment for fear of missing out on opportunities or facing discrimination. In this case, some suggest waiting until about 14-20 weeks, well into the second trimester to share the news. If you’ve been keeping up at work and doing well, this can prove to the employer you are able to continue to be efficient while pregnant at work. Yet, if you face occupational hazards such as exposures to chemicals, heavy lifting, or other strenuous activity, you must tell your supervisor as soon as possible. Another reason to share the news early on is if you are experiencing complications like extreme fatigue and nausea, which may slow you down. Making it clear that you are pregnant, not just acting strange, might help to ease your workplace stress.

You Make the Rules

The bottom line is, it is your pregnancy, and your decision when to announce it and to whom. Do what feels right, there is no reason to worry yourself over the small things. You have a bun in the oven, relish it!

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