Bare Minerals Is the Makeup Brand Teens Should Be Using

Bare Minerals makeup

Bare Minerals is a pretty unique makeup brand. They seem to advertise to an older consumer base, especially with their large amount of age concealing products. However, the also have some acne treatments and more youthful makeup products.

The unique Bare Minerals formula, which they use in all of their makeup, is non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and hypoallergenic.

Why Bare Minerals is great for teens

While Bare Minerals’ products can be expensive, the makeup will not make you break out. This is important for teens because tons of makeup on the market does the exact opposite.

As another article on mentions, one of the worst problems for teens is makeup-induced acne. Covering up acne can be a bad cycle. If you have acne already and cover it up with pore-clogging makeup, then there is a good chance that you will make your acne worse than if you never covered it up.

Bare Minerals makeup is made to stop this problem as best as possible. Whether you use eyes, lips, or face products, they are designed to not make you break out.

Even more advanced is the Bare Minerals “blemish remedy foundation,” which not only covers up pimples, but also decreases redness. This special type of face makeup uses tea tree oil in order to gradually lessen the appearance of acne.

For teens just starting to wear makeup

This makeup brand is a great place to start because they break down their products even more than this non-comedogenic base. They have options for dry, oily, normal, and combination skin types.

This is really helpful for teens because they can purchase the best makeup, especially foundation, for their skin tone, skin color, and skin type. There are both liquid and powder foundations and concealers that do not cause acne, so there is plenty of room for experimentation and trial and error when it comes to the perfect makeup look.

Another great feature of Bare Minerals makeup is that a lot of the face products have SPF 15-20 in them. It is important in these early years of skincare to protect the skin from sun damage. This can start as early as the teen years.

And, this does not change the fact that the makeup is non-comedogenic. This isn’t always the case because some sunscreens on the market can clog pores.

What brush is best?

A lot of the Bare Minerals brushes are made with animal hair, specifically goat and pony, which is better for the skin. This is based on the science that divides hair into two fiber categories: natural or synthetic. As a result, animal hair is categorized as natural and therefore, is more like human hair.

This means your skin is more used to this type of hair and is less likely to be irritated by these types of brushes.

However, if you are vegan or against using animal hair, they do offer several synthetic brush options as well. This might not be as great for the skin, though, especially for teens with oily or acne-prone skin.

In terms of appearances

Another great reason for teens to use Bare Minerals is because of its simple and natural inspiration. Through the use of all-natural minerals, this makeup brand creates products that appear sheer and natural when applied.

This can be a positive influence on teens because it does not encourage an unnatural face coverage, which can end up damaging their developing skin even more.

A lot of their eyeshadow kits emphasize simple colors that will still create a beautiful look. This includes a lot of nude and pink colors. As a brand, they definitely go for more of an effortless type of beauty than some other makeup brands that might show a lot of thick makeup on models.

Teens easing into the makeup stage can definitely find a healthy and gradual start with Bare Minerals.

The quality of these products is worth the money because it lasts and helps teens with sensitive, acne-prone, and developing skin.