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Antioxidants Studied As Possible Treatment for Infertility

Growing evidence suggests that common antioxidants may help treat infertility issues in both men and women, according to researchers. A new analysis concludes that antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, and in particular, lipoic acid, may prevent certain factors that can lead to infertility problems and erectile dysfunction. According to researchers, a condition called… [read more]

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Eat Healthy Carbs to Curb Holiday Hunger

  We know with the holidays often comes weight gain.  But there are foods that are delicious, nutritious and super-filling that are great at holiday time because they are satisfying and waistline-friendly.  What makes these foods so diet-friendly is fiber – found in a wide variety of foods, from delicate fruits such as raspberries to… [read more]

Botox for the Bladder?

It is well known that Botox or botulinum toxin is used to smooth the wrinkles on the aging face.  But not many know that Botox is also a useful tool in the treatment of overactive bladder, a condition affecting millions of men and women which causes frequent, urgent urination associated with leakage of urine or… [read more]

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