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Clues to How Heavy Drinking While Pregnant Could Harm Child’s Brain

When a woman drinks heavily during pregnancy, the harmful effects on her child’s brain development appear to continue over time, a new study indicates. The findings point to a possible reason for the persistent attention and behavior problems experienced by children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, the researchers noted. The investigators used functional MRI to… [read more]

One Month Pregnant

Premature Babies May Have Increased Risk of Blood Clots Though Out Life

Babies born prematurely appear to have a slightly increased risk of potentially fatal blood clots that they will carry into adulthood, Swedish researchers report. Doctors have previously suspected that babies born earlier than 37 weeks’ gestation have a raised risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, two serious conditions caused by blood clotting in… [read more]

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The Mediterranean Diet: Should You Try It?

Studies have shown that people who reside within the Mediterranean region live longer and healthier lives than their American counterparts. It has long been thought that this could be a result of their diet. A traditional Mediterranean diet contains many fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and oils, beans and fish. People in the Mediterranean… [read more]

Organic Potato Chips

Potato Chips Straight From Your Oven

Who doesn’t love a delicious, salty, crunchy potato chip? Sadly most potato chips are made from unhealthy ingredients and potatoes happen to be one of the most sprayed crops around so they’re chock full of pesticides. That means that if you do splurge on potato chips or french fries every once in a while go… [read more]

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