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Dr. Manny Says: Does Eating Your Own Placenta Offer Health Benefits?

I want to preface this latest article by saying: Don’t hate me, I’m only the messenger. For years, I’ve been hearing that some patients, after giving birth, request to keep their placentas, though I’ve never actually had this experience in my own practice. Sometimes, according to my colleagues, the patients desire to keep the placentas… [read more]

Baby Food Bliss: Home Made Baby Food Made the Right Way

By Dr. Ayala Miller The popularity of preparing homemade baby food and foregoing store bought products has been an emerging American trend, underscoring our country’s fascination with organically prepared foods and the notion of “going green”. But what is truly best for your baby? There are shockingly few studies out there that examine the long… [read more]

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Dr. Manny’s Survival Guide for a Longer Allergy Season

It's definitely not the most wonderful time of the year – and it just got longer. No, I'm not talking about winter.  The groundhog promised us early spring this year, remember? I'm talking about the season that can get the best out of any of us, tearing up our eyes, irritating our skin and clogging… [read more]


Will vitamin C and D help prevent the flu virus?

The simple answer right now is: no. However, I believe in vitamins C and D as essential vitamins that, at healthy levels, can slow the progression of a viral infection. But there’s no clear indication that these vitamins are preventative, and therefore, they cannot be equated to the flu shot and good hygiene. Vitamin C… [read more]

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