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Drinking alcohol is very toxic to an unborn child. Dr. Manny talks about problems that can arise before you know you are pregnant

Health officials testing 35 babies for tuberculosis exposure

  Health officials are testing 35 babies for tuberculosis after a person with an active case of the life-threatening disease visited neonatal-intensive care units at two Northern California hospitals.     Few details have been released about the contagious individual, who has since been placed in isolation and is receiving treatment.     Officials say… [read more]

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Four Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Consider the Flu Shot

With flu season in full swing, and the number of severe cases leading to an increase in hospitalizations, as well as 18 pediatric deaths, attention must be paid to pregnant women when it comes to this potentially dangerous virus. Expectant mothers must be encouraged to get a flu shot – and if they notice flu-like… [read more]

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