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exercising in the heat
June 2, 2022
As we get closer to summer, it is important to prepare for the hot and humid days ahead. Outdoor fitness
Side plank example of ab exercises
March 28, 2022
Some people think that the only reason to do ab exercises is to look good in a bathing suit. However,
Stay active while watching sports on TV.
July 24, 2018
Since this summer is filled with upcoming sporting events like the PGA Championship and US Open Tennis, you are probably
Yoga for beginners
July 18, 2018
When your friend tells you that he or she is going to a yoga class, do you really know what
January 3, 2018
Getting into shape or losing a few pounds is a worthy New Year’s resolution, but one that comes with a
September 9, 2017
Why should I lift weights? If you think that weights are only for body builders and biceps-flexing showoffs, you may