How to Stay Active While Watching Your Favorite Sports on TV

Stay active while watching sports on TV.
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Since this summer is filled with upcoming sporting events like the PGA Championship and US Open Tennis, you are probably planning on sitting on the couch to catch every minute. However, why just watch sports when you can learn how to stay active yourself? This user-friendly guide can help you stay fit this summer while watching sports on TV.

How to Stay Active During TV Time:

  1. First thing first, make sure you don’t have a lazy mindset. You’ll never feel motivated to get off the couch unless you commit to doing it before you grab the remote.
  2. Try short, sneaky exercises that really burn calories:

Jumping Jacks

If you do jumping jacks, you are performing a form of aerobic exercise. This is good for your heart and your body because it is a form of endurance training. These help your body in a different way than strengthening exercises, although they both burn calories.

Try doing 50 jumping jacks on three different occasions while watching TV for longer periods of time.

Push-Up Exercise

Push-Ups can be hard for some people, so this is a modified version of a push-up. It still works the same muscles and feels hard, but it might be easier to do while watching TV.

Stay active with wall push-up

This is a good example of the exercise taken from a video from @katiesiritaveesit on Instagram.

Instead of starting in a plank position, use a table or wall. This way the push-up is slightly easier because you aren’t holding up your entire body weight against gravity. Assume the same position you normally would, but instead, lower down with your arms by your side with your hands on the wall or the table.

This is a great muscle-strengthening exercise that can also burn calories and teach you how to stay active while watching sports. Maybe repeat this exercise three times throughout your show and do anywhere from 5-10 push-ups each time.

All you need is stairs

There are two great exercises that you can do on any staircase during commercial breaks.

The first one is a simple sprint. As soon as a commercial comes on, you can run to the staircase nearest to you and sprint as fast as you can up the stairs. Then, jog back down and do it again for 2 or 3 times. This will definitely make you winded because it is a good endurance training activity. It’s super easy because you barely have to leave the couch. It also only takes 1-2 minutes.

The second stair exercise is a lunge. Instead of running up the stairs, lift up one leg and place it two or three stairs ahead of the other one. Hold the lunge for a bit and make sure your legs are aligned properly with the leg in front at a 90-degree angle. Then, use your strength to move the other leg up two more stairs. Continue until you reach the top of the stairs and then jog back to the bottom. Repeat this 2-3 times before the commercial ends.

Stay active with stair lunge

This is an example of the exercise based on a video from @keskaroon on Instagram. Rotate between the first and second stair exercise for each commercial break. You can even add in a rotation where you rest during a commercial break after you do the last two on the stairs.

Ab time

Lastly, to tone your abs, perform a crunch exercise on the ground that lets you watch your favorite sports while you work out.

This crunch is easier on your neck and head, so you can stay focused on the TV if need be. It’s usually called a “reverse crunch.” This photo demonstrating the exercise is from a video by @court.taughtyou on Instagram.

Stay active with reverse crunch

Place your body flat on the ground and raise your legs off of it. Pull your knees into your stomach and then push them up to the sky while lifting your butt into the air. As you lower back down, use your core muscles to pull everything back up again. This works your ab muscles and burns a few calories. You can do this three times as well in between your jumping jacks and push-ups.

Overall, these five exercises are really easy to do while watching TV. They give you a reason to get up and move without making you grab weights or go to the gym.

Obviously, how to stay active while watching TV is a guide that you can choose from. You can decide how many minutes of your TV time you will use to get up and stay active. Doing any or all of these exercises will benefit you more than doing nothing while watching sports.

However, these exercises alone are not enough to improve your health for the week. Make sure you also work out a few days of the week by doing things like brisk walking or jogging. This guide is perfect for a day when you don’t want to do a lot, but also don’t want to just sit on the couch.