What to eat after lap-band surgery

I know everybody is very excited about Gov. Chris Christie’s new effort to lose weight. Christie has reportedly lost 40 pounds so far, but it is important to remember that maintaining that weight loss will have a lot to do with adopting the proper diet and lifestyle. We talked to Rebecca Soloman, clinical nutrition coordinator at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, for the best diet tips to follow after lap-band surgery.

Eat small portions
In the weeks and months after surgery, it is essential for patients to focus on limiting their portion sizes. Lap-band surgery decreases the size of the stomach, making it very difficult, and even painful, to ingest large quantities of food.
“Most patients are full after a quarter to a maximum of half a cup of food at one sitting,” Soloman said.
Consuming more than that will cause discomfort and could lead to vomiting, Soloman noted. She recommends that patients eat slowly and chew food thoroughly to avoid discomfort.