What Is CBD Oil and Why Is It Being Used to Treat People?

what is cbd oil

The latest news in the medical field looks to CBD oil. It is showing up in candy and on the news because its creation could lead to alternative healing in medicine. The biggest question that people still have is what is CBD oil?

What is CBD oil and how is it different from hemp?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is an ingredient in marijuana that comes from the hemp or cannabis plant. However, it is an ingredient that doesn’t have to do with making people high. As people make the oil for medicinal purposes, there is a limited amount of THC.

This means that it is not a psychoactive drug and is in theory safe for patients, even children, to use. It falls closer in relation to hemp than marijuana, which is in shampoos and other household products. THC must be added to the hemp plant in order to become the drug that causes a high.

However, its use is still very controversial based on the debate about whether or not cannabis should be legal in the United States.

How does it heal?

Based on studies in the epileptic community, CBD oil reduces seizures by 23%. This is especially true for children with severe seizure disorders like Dravet syndrome. Recent news stories show new hemp oil users with great personal results like Matt and Paige Figi’s daughter who used it as her last living option to lessen her seizures.

Furthermore, research shows that the oil helps with nutrition as well. As the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine writes, “CBD interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex system that contributes to a variety of biological processes like immune responses, sleep, mood, and appetite.”

While epilepsy seems to be the most well-known use of CBD oil, it also helps reduce pain in elderly people, cancer patients, and other sick people. It acts like other forms of medical marijuana in this way.

The controversy

While CBD oil stems from a cannabis plant, its use is strictly medical. However, some states are having trouble justifying it because it might be too close to an illegal substance. This does not have to do with the use of CBD oil, though, because it is not meant to contain THC that makes people high.

There also needs to be further research on the substance. Proven results are only shown in a few studies along with a lot of anecdotal evidence. While the medical community recognizes it as a significant breakthrough for the epileptic population, it cannot be signed off as completely safe quite yet.

The best answer to the question “what is CBD oil?” is that it comes from cannabis, but it is not stereotypical marijuana. Even though doctors aren’t certain why, evidence suggests that CBD reduces pain for all different kinds of patients and has a remarkable effect on epilepsy.

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