Vein grown from stem cells saves 10-year-old girl

The field of regenerative medicine is hot and running on all cylinders.  By using stem cells extracted from a patient, the doctors were able to regenerate a perfect blood vessel that has literally saved a little girl’s life. I have been saying for years that one great aspect of medical technology is the capability to regenerate tissue when needed, and now we are seeing how successful these techniques are becoming. Just recently, I visited a laboratory in New Jersey, and I saw human ears being regenerated with the help of stem cells.  Just think of how many diseases we’re going to be able to cure in the future. Imagine regenerating pancreases to eliminate juvenile diabetes or being able to fully reconstruct facial skin and cartilage in cases of traumatic burns or injuries. I think that every patient should make it a priority to learn more and more about stem cell technologies, because the future looks very bright. Click here to read more.