Too Tired to Workout?

too tired to workout

Being too tired to workout is an excuse I make often. I feel like never have enough energy for all the things I want to do. And, it’s much easier to lay on the couch and watch TV than go for a run. I somehow manage to pile a million excuses on top of this one.

Too tired to workout is a top excuse for many people.

Maybe it’s a situation where you are too tired to workout is a result of resting too much or resting too little. It can be caused by aging, sickness and stress. There are times when you need to rest and there are times when you need to just get out there and do what needs to be done.

In many cases, healthy eating and routine physical activity can remedy feeling tired all the time. After 9 hours of sitting in front of a computer and then dealing with traffic on the way home, it’s normal to be exhausted. But you have to really analyze your fatigue before you give up – if you’re “giving up” every day, you aren’t trying hard enough or you need to see the doctor.

If your schedule really is too hectic – there’s no room for exercise before work, on your lunch break or after work, then you need to make weekend workouts a priority.

I’ve worked in the functional medicine business long enough to know that feeling tired all the time isn’t a normal part of aging. When you take good care of your body – eating right, exercising (cardio and strength training) routinely and eschewing bad habits, like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, you can feel pretty darn good at any age without drugs, hormone supplements or any other medical miracle. But, you have to make those changes to your lifestyle or you will feel every bit your age (or older.)

Here’s why a workout will make you less tired when you are already feeling tired:

*Workouts that get your heart rate up stimulate endorphins, those “feel-good” chemical messengers in your brain that make you alert, energized and happy.

*The more active you are during the day, the better you will sleep at night.

*Workouts keep you fit and lean, improve posture and stimulate your metabolism – all things that keep you awake and alert.

And here’s why a balanced diet will make you less tired:

Processed, prepackaged junk foods and other chemical-laden foods can build-up in your system over time creating a sludge that makes your body work harder than it needs to and thus you feel tired.

Excess sugar and starchy carbs can make your blood sugar levels yo-yo, resulting in peaks and crashes in your energy or constant fatigue. Stable blood sugar levels, which are the result of low/no sugar/carb diets can leave you bursting with energy.

Nutrient dense foods – i.e., fresh, whole foods – and a variety of them, gives your body everything it needs to perform basic physiological functions and meet life’s daily demands. Poor nutrition can lead to deficiencies that rob you of your energy.

Ask yourself, “Why am I too tired to workout?” Then, assess your day, your sleep patterns, your exercise and your diet. It’s likely you can make some changes. The solution – more often than not – is in your control.

Dani Cee (a.k.a., Danielle C. Tworek) seeks to empower women to discover the best version of themselves through the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and fabulous fitness wear. Dani holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She is also a NASM certified personal trainer and certified weight loss specialist. She has more than ten years of experience helping individuals reach their wellness goals not only as a writer, but also as a counselor and trainer, including time spent at Jenny Craig, USAA Corporate Wellness, Equinox Fitness Clubs and BodyLogicMD. Learn more from her expertise at or contact Dani at [email protected].