The best nutrition tips for picky eaters


All parents swap strategies for keeping their infants from becoming picky eaters: Make sure you feed them vegetables before fruits (otherwise they’ll just want sweet-tasting food), offer a wide variety of foods, flavors and textures as soon as they can start eating and if you breastfeed, make sure you get a variety of flavors in your diet (so that the flavor profiles are passed on in the breast milk).

Feeding a baby is very simple – before he or she learns to assert independence. While some kids will continue to eat the foods they first ate as a baby, others will say, “No!” and won’t stop saying it until they’re old enough to strike a bargain. So what’s a parent to do if their toddler would rather smash blueberries than eat them? Here are some helpful rules for parents ready to pull their hair out.
They can’t eat what isn’t there. 
You may not believe this, but you choose what is on your toddler’s plate. Fill their plate with only healthy foods – the same ones that you put on your plate. In fact, rid your pantry of processed junk with no nutritional value. This will guarantee you won’t break out in a cold sweat whenever a pantry break-in occurs.
Enjoy family meals and serve everyone the same food.
Children want to model the adults in their lives, so watching you make healthy choices will encourage them to do the same. If they want to try something on your plate, go ahead and let them.