Shocking New Treatment for Herniated Disc—Electrical Currents

A slipped disc is a painful situation for back pain patients. But could electrical currents shock the disc back into shape?

According to new research, that might just be the case. The research was introduced yesterday at the annual meeting for the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), reports the Daily Mail (1).

According to the newspaper, this study showed electrical currents may work better than usual steroid injections. Researchers tested the new method on over 100 patients whose slipped discs hadn’t been healed by typical treatments.

During the study, the researchers applied pulsed radiofrequency (pRF) to the base of the spine. These pulses of electrical energy would then shock the nerves surrounding the problem area, says Daily Mail.

The method worked so well that researchers say just 10 short minutes were enough to reduce back pain. Electrical currents were found to work up to 40 percent better than steroid injection treatments.

Those with a herniated disc know the extent of relief that could bring. Herniated disc happens when one of the soft cushions between the vertebrae pushes out through the bones.

Many people either live with nerve pain or consider the option of surgery. They may be shocked to realize fixing the problem could be as easy as stunning the disc back into place.

1. Matthews, S. (2018, November 27). Zapping an injured back for 10 minutes with an electrical current reduces the pain from a slipped disc ‘more than steroid jabs.’ Daily Mail UK. Retrieved from