Please, Be Smart: Stay Away From Black Market Surgeries

When I heard about Claudia Adusei, the 20 year-old London woman who died in Philadelphia after receiving a silicone injection in her buttocks, I was horrified.Surgical mishaps happen, Dr. Manny, you might say.  There can be unforeseen complications and emergencies that crop up on the table.

But this death didn’t happen in the operating room.

Adusei was in a hotel room when a strange woman injected her with silicone — liquid silicone injections for cosmetic purposes is prohibited by the FDA, by the way — and twelve hours after the woman left, Adusei began complaining of chest pains.

She was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.  The silcone had entered her vascular system and stopped her heart, according to a preliminary medical investigation.

I know the economy has hit us all hard, and not everyone has health insurance to cover surgical procedures.  However, I can not stress enough how important it is to stay away from the black market when it comes to your health.

Under-the-table (or in-the-hotel-room) procedures are incredibly risky, no matter how much training your “doctor” has.

And prior good results don’t mean anything.  Adusei had traveled to Philadelphia once before last November to enhance her buttox.  While she apparently didn’t suffer any ill effects as a result of that first procedure, the second time she decided to do it, she paid dearly.

So here’s my plea to you: Don’t take risks with your health.  Black market procedures are like Russian Roulette.  You’re lucky to escape with your life.