Instead of Eye Surgery, A Surfer Takes Matters into His Own Hands

Possibly because of surfers’ constant contact with the sun and elements, an eye problem dubbed surfer’s eye is common in this sport. 

When a 61-year-old surfer developed the problem, he decided to forgo the usual eye surgery and take care of it himself. 

The man’s solution? Surfing a 30-foot wave on Waimea Bay in Hawaii. 

According to the case reported in BMJ Case Reports, the experienced surfer rode the wave at top speed and “overbalanced” to dip his head in the water. The man was able to regain his balance and continue surfing afterward.

But what happened during that moment left his doctor calling the stunt a “radical treatment.” Dr. Thomas Campbell from Princess Alexandra Hospital in Queensland reported that the force of the water at high speed removed the unwanted tissue. 

The man’s eye was inflamed from his unconventional, natural surgery for a few days, but it ultimately healed on its own. 

Also called a pterygium, surfer’s eye occurs when tissue develops over the eye, causing irritation and sometimes obstructing vision. 

The problem is thought to occur because of ultraviolet light, wind and dust exposure along with dry eyes, states the American Academy of Ophthalmology

In this case, the man had a long history of suffering from the condition. However, despite the surfer’s success, his doctor advised him to take a more conventional approach if the problem returns. 

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