Dr. Manny Says: Bikini Mishap Highlights Importance of Product Safety

I knew one of these fancy schmancy bathing suits were going to get someone in trouble sooner or later.

I read today in the New York Post about a woman who suffered significant third degree burns after the underwire in her bikini top became superheated while she was sunbathing. As a result, she is suing the bathing suit manufacturer, Swimwear Anywhere.

Though we live in an age of frivolous lawsuits, I have to say that I agree with this particular woman in pursuing restitution. After all, there was no warning of potential side effects. At least a label stating, “Beware: Hot Bikini; Danger if exposed to sun,” should have been placed on the bathing suit.

Look, the thing is, industries have a habit of reinventing products often. That means that even if you’re accustomed to using a certain item safely, whether it is clothing or exercise equipment or children’s toys, in another year or so something about the way that item is manufactured may have changed.

Metals and plastics are utilized in new ways all the time, and that is why it is so important to analyze whether or not these items have been properly tested. Many companies work on gross margins that rely on inexpensive and sometimes untested manufacturing.

I used the example of this story to bring attention, especially now in summertime when many parents are going to utilize beach toys, recreational chairs and other items, to the important issue of product safety.

Not only is there a risk of overheating such as the Authentic Heroes Target Practice Tank play set recalled earlier this year because the controller posed a burn hazard – but some toys might actually catch on fire, such as what happened with the recalled Knight Hawk remote-controlled toy helicopters.

And that’s not even taking into account all the other possible health risks certain products can pose, such as choking hazards, poisoning hazards or even amputation hazards.

So, as always be careful, and spend your money wisely.