Chagas disease the ‘new AIDS of the Americas?’


Is America being invaded by Chagas disease – what some experts have dubbed, “the new AIDS of the Americas?”  The simple answer is, ‘No.’  Chagas disease has been around for years in many areas of Central and South America.  And even though it is reported that as many as 30,000 Americans could be infected with it, I think that we should not necessarily worry here in the U.S.  But – and this is a big ‘but’ – we have to be aware. Experts argue that the spread of Chagas throughout the Western hemisphere closely resembles the early spread of HIV, and just like AIDS, it has a lengthy incubation period it is next to impossible to cure. This parasitic infection is easily transmittable through blood transfusion, and people that do not get treated in the early phase of the disease can develop chronic and even deadly complications from this parasite.  The usual transmission of this parasite is though being bitten by a kissing bug that literally transports the parasite into the patient’s bloodstream.  So read this story to learn more about this interesting bug.   Click here to read more.