CDC: Teen suicide attempts on the rise


A new report from the CDC finds that teen suicide attempts jumped from 6.3 percent in 2009 to 7.8 percent in 2011.  These rates keep moving in the wrong direction, but personally, I’m not surprised – in fact, I’m actually surprised the rates aren’t even higher.  We’re nearing a teen crisis in the country, and nobody is paying attention.  There’s a perfect storm of factors out there contributing to this looming crisis, including: an unchallenging academic environment with teachers who are too busy collecting data for the government instead of stimulating the minds of young men and women, parents who don’t care, and out-of-control drug abuse.  There are hundreds of examples of teenagers grabbing anything to smoke, inhale or drink, just to escape reality.  What is reality for these teens?  Business people who cheat, politicians who lie, clerics who rape and supposed ‘mentors’ who take advantage of others – all under an umbrella of no economic future and a weak moral compass.  So are we approaching a teen crisis?  You bet.  Do we still have time to turn it around?  You better believe it.  But we have to act fast, before we run out of time. Click here for more.