By CHLOE Makes It Easy to Be Vegan for People All over the World

Example of vegan food at By CHLOE

Veganism is a popular health and wellness lifestyle that avoids using animals in any way other than caring for them. This way of eating and living is becoming increasingly doable based on restaurants and community-driven places like by CHLOE. A lot of restaurants still don’t have vegan options, but places that have a menu like this one attract more people to veganism and make it easier to eat and enjoy foods without animal products.

First, what is veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle and diet that does not use or eat animal products of any kind. This includes eggs, dairy, meats, and fishes.

By CHLOE’s ridiculous menu

The restaurant started with the mission to bring delicious and healthy vegan options to people around the world. In the United States, they have locations in New York, Boston, Providence, and Los Angeles.

The amazing part about by CHLOE is that they make popular non-vegan foods and turn them into vegan versions. Everything in the restaurant is completely plant-based, regardless of what the names of the items would suggest.

Some of the standout items on their menu include Caesar salad, mac n’ cheese, and kale artichoke dip. All of these items would normally include dairy, but at by CHLOE they are completely dairy-free. Instead of real cheese, by CHLOE makes things like sweet potato-cashew cheese sauce, almond parmesan cheese, and vegan Caesar dressing.

The mac n’ cheese even says that it has bacon on it. They just don’t mention that it’s shitake bacon. If you didn’t know you were at a vegan restaurant, you wouldn’t even realize based on the types of things you can order.

They even have a bakery shop, Sweets by CHLOE, in New York, where things like frosting, chocolate, and ice cream are all vegan. Moreover, by CHLOE is certified kosher and organic for all of their ingredients at all of their locations.

Healthy living influence

While their inspiration for foods might not always be healthy, their products are. Since the meals are all plant-based, the calories you eat at by CHLOE are free of saturated fats, cholesterol, and artificial flavors.

By CHLOE, through its vegan menu and mission, attracts a certain community. Since it is completely vegan, it becomes a place for vegans to hang out, eat, and share their lifestyle.

A lot of vegans live by the lifestyle as well as the diet. This includes taking care of the environment. Since vegans do not believe in eating meat or any other animal products, they do not kill or harm animals either.

As a result, the hope is that these animals are used in the environment in natural and healthy ways. This, especially by reducing the methane production that comes from cows and goes into earth’s atmosphere, helps lessen the damage of global warming and greenhouse gases.

By CHLOE subscribes to this lifestyle concept by ensuring that all of their packagings are recyclable and compostable. Additionally, they are cash-free in an effort to decrease the world’s carbon footprint.

If you want to find new places to eat as a vegan, try being vegan, or even just cut back on your carbon footprint or cholesterol levels every once in a while, by CHLOE is a great place to go and eat real food that tastes like everything you wish you were eating.

It’s doing good while also tasting good.