When Being ‘The Biggest Loser’ is a Win

The Biggest Loser Diet was created to allow everyone access to the plan responsible for the extreme body transformations seen on the hit reality TV show.

The claim is that by following a six-week healthy eating and exercise schedule, you can dramatically change your body by losing weight and preventing or reversing certain diseases. Supporters of the diet also say it can help improve the function of your immune system.

The theory behind the diet is that we spend too much time sedentary as opposed to in movement, and we eat an excessive amount of unhealthy foods instead of ones that are nutritionally dense. The diet focuses on switching food choices to lean meats, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, while keeping track of portion sizes and adding in regular exercise.

For assistance with following the program, there are a few different Biggest Loser books to choose from, which share tips for developing your new diet; success stories from contestants on the TV show; and information about how to incorporate exercise into your life. It is likely that you will lose weight following this diet plan as long as you sufficiently reduce your caloric intake enough to create a deficit where weight loss can occur. Naturally, the more calories you burn, the more weight you can lose, so keeping up with the fitness aspect is incredibly important.

The Biggest Loser Diet is thought to help with cardiovascular health. Anyone who is significantly overweight is at risk for developing high cholesterol, and losing weight by switching to a lower cholesterol diet is going to have huge benefits. Following a diet that is low in saturated fat and high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats is always going to be a healthier choice than the alternative. Eating healthy can also help to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and is one of the best ways to control the disease if you already have it.

While following this plan for weight loss, you can’t expect to lose weight as quickly as the contestants on the show, simply because they are likely to have a lot more weight to lose in the first place. Your results may be a bit more gradual, but the weight you lose is likely to come off and stay off if you continue to make healthy eating and exercise a regular part of your life.

Since no foods are specifically off limits while following this diet plan, it is a long-term choice. Eating out is fine as long as you keep track of the guidelines and remember: Moderation is key. For large meals at a restaurant, you can ask for a box to wrap up half of the meal at the beginning of the course, so that you are not tempted to finish everything on your plate.

Remember that there are viable options for healthy food in almost every circumstance, and that choosing those options can transform your health and your life.