What Vitamins and Supplements Should I Take Daily?

vitamins and supplements
As a doctor, I receive a lot of emails with questions about health and wellness. A category that people are uncertain about, yet want to take, is vitamins and supplements. People are often afraid that they do not take enough vitamin C, iron, etc. Here is a simple question and response to this topic:


I’m a 47 year old female. What vitamins and supplements should I take?


If you eat a balance diet, trust me you do not need extra vitamins. However, if that is not the case, I recommend a complete multivitamin regiment with extra calcium and vitamin D.
These two vitamins are extra important for the health of our bodies. But, a healthy diet should be able to provide these vitamins on its own. In another article, I talk about how extra vitamin C and vitamin D can’t protect you from the flu and other illnesses. In fact, extra vitamins can often do more harm than good.
Talk to your personal doctor before you start taking vitamins and supplements because they can run a blood test to see if you have low levels of anything. This is when you can really determine what you might need to take to make up for this reduced supply.