The “Female” Disease That Heightens Cancer Risk in Men

HPV men

Until now, human papilloma virus (HPV) has been viewed as a “female” disease.  That’s no surprise – after all, the most of the advertisements we have seen for HPV vaccines have pretty much targeted women exclusively.That needs to change.

A new study of 1000 men revealed that half of them were infected with HPV, KRCG news reported.

Though HPV is most well known for causing cervical cancer in women, it can also cause genital warts and several other kinds of cancers in men.

HPV is primarily spread through oral sex.  Current figures indicate that 20 million Americans have the disease, which normally clears up on its own.  However, about 32,000 of those cases will progress to cancer.

It’s important to protect our girls from that risk.  But it’s just as important to protect our boys too.

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