The dangers of unlicensed medicine: Death after butt injections

I can’t believe that these stories keep popping up: I’m talking about this poor young woman from Maryland who received illegal treatment from someone who appears to be an unlicensed medical professional in a basement of a house in Queens, N.Y., for an enhancement of her buttocks.

According to reports, shortly after Kelly Mayhew, 34, received the injection, she began to have difficulty breathing. Although her mother began performing CPR when she noticed her daughter couldn’t breathe, the young woman ultimately died in the hospital.

Now, let me tell you how something like this could happen. When you inject material into the human body, especially material that is not intended for medical use, you are putting your life in danger— especially if the person administering the injection is not careful during that procedure. If any of these materials are absorbed through the circulatory system during the injection, those particles could penetrate the pulmonary vasculature and create a pulmonary emboli. When you have a clot in your lungs, your body isn’t able to oxygenate the blood, and in a matter of moments you will go into cardiac arrest.

Although the autopsy results that will explain what happened to this young woman have not been released, on the surface, this is how her case appeared to evolve. But even so, I still don’t understand how some women are being lured to people who promise some plastic surgery enhancement for a good price.

Again, I want to emphasize to any person out there who is considering plastic surgery procedure: Rely on a licensed medical professional and an accredited center with verifiable results and reviews. Everything else is death in a syringe.