Study finds U.S. drug recalls common, but not well publicized

Thanks to a recent report by Brigham and Women’s Hospital, we now find that over the last eight years the FDA has failed to send notifications for one in five medication recalls that could have serious adverse health consequences or even death.

I don’t mean to be cynical but it’s amazing how hospitals and doctors get beaten over the head about patient safety, and yet the report card on the federal government, especially the FDA, might be a “D-.”  I believe that anybody involved in health care should be aware of patient safety, and as a practicing physician and director of a major women’s hospital, I am constantly monitoring adverse outcomes and presenting solutions to minimize risks to patients.  In fact, most academic medical centers set goals and success rates that they constantly monitor, and it seems every year things are getting better.  So now that the Obama administration is so interesting in improving health care system of America, maybe it’s time they start monitoring their own internal organizations as well, and do a better job.

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