Potato Chips Straight From Your Oven

Organic Potato Chips

10302012_786500968039924_3118113176941595627_n-570x321Who doesn’t love a delicious, salty, crunchy potato chip? Sadly most potato chips are made from unhealthy ingredients and potatoes happen to be one of the most sprayed crops around so they’re chock full of pesticides.

That means that if you do splurge on potato chips or french fries every once in a while go for the sweet potato variety since they have been found to have significantly fewer pesticides.

Luckily you can make your very own delicious potato chips with your very own organic potatoes! They’re just as good as store bought. I’m not giving amounts in this recipe because everything is dependent on your taste and how big your potatoes are. Experiment with different spices until you find your favorite combination.

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