Old-Fashioned Medical Remedies Making a Comeback

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Just like in fashion when trends come back in style – in medicine, too, some of these ‘old-time’ cures are making a comeback.

Leeches have been used for more than 2,500 years to treat many different ailments. The blood-suckers are utilized in India and other countries to treat gout, arthritis, vertigo, sinusitis and even acne.

An enzyme in the leeches’ saliva is believed to increase blood flow to damaged tissue. According to alternative medicine experts, cupping may look strange – but it’s a real healer. The ancient Chinese practice can be used on the back, neck and legs to soften muscles and restore healthy blood flow.

Cupping has also been used to treat frozen shoulder syndrome – and relieve a cold. Hypnosis has been used in ancient rituals and religious ceremonies, but the way it is used today was developed in the 1700s. Hypnotherapy is now used to treat anxiety, addiction, insomnia, obesity, asthma, and it was even used during childbirth.