New Mommy Must Haves- The Ultimate Registry Guide

registry guide

There are so many products on the market for new mothers that your list for possible registry items might as well be as long as a novel. We are here to simplify and provide you with the ultimate registry guide, while also touching on some important points. We will also make note of which are of highest priority in our registry guide, and the amount of each product you should buy initially. This is not an all-encompassing list. It is instead the bare essentials— use this registry guide as a list of the items you do not want to forget to put on your registry!

Registry guide: 26 Items any registry should include:

  1. Diapers– There are so many brands to chose from that you shouldn’t settle on one before your baby has tested them out. We suggest trying small packs of a variety of brands and sizes before you stock up.
  2. Baby Wipes– Stock up on these. You can never have too many!
  3. Burp Clothes– At least 10 quality burp clothes will be necessary. They’ll see a ton of action as they end up being used for a wide spectrum of baby-centered tasks. Cleaning up messes will never be the same!
  4. Sleepers– Cute pajamas for your baby are a must, just remember to stick to easy on-and-off options and avoid complicated snaps and buttons. Soft material is of course a plus, free of irritating tags and seams. It is important to remember how fast your baby will grow. We suggest you limit yourself to only about 4 to 7 pairs. Don’t go too overboard because some may never even get worn!
  5. One Piece Outfits– Similar to sleepers, be sure to get comfortable and uncomplicated outfits for your little one. Don’t invest in too many, and be sure to get a combination of both long and short sleeve pieces. Five to seven outfits is a good amount.
  6. Socks– Sock protocol for babies is very similar to that of adults— you will always be missing one. You most likely won’t buy shoes for your child until walking age (9-18 months). Socks will take the place of shoes to keep your baby’s feet cozy and warm. Therefore, you can never have too many socks, so go crazy! Quick tip: buy them a few sizes too big so they last longer.
  7. Booties– When socks don’t quite cut it, booties will come to the rescue. You can never have too many!
  8. Swaddle Blankets– Swaddle blankets are used to mimic the feeling the baby had when in the womb. They often help your baby fall asleep faster and self-soothe. It is important to pick a brand that is large enough in size and not too complicated to use. Velcro is a great bonus to help it remain closed. Aim for at least three of these.
  9. Car Seat– Of course this is essential for any registry guide, so be sure to read safety reviews and invest in a quality brand. Recently hitting the market is the “travel system,” which allows the car seat to slide out of its base and into the stroller. No need to wake your baby between errands anymore!
  10. Stroller– Having two strollers, both a lightweight and a more sturdy stroller is really the way to go. Lugging around a giant stroller can get tiring so try to get one that easily opens and folds closed as it can really come in handy. Or, replace one of these with the travel system and you’re good to go!
  11. Pacifiers– Pacifiers are another item where you should try a variety of brands and styles. You want to avoid stocking up on one to find your baby refuses to use it.
  12. Baby Shampoo– Grab some travel sized bottles to start, test them and see which you like best.
  13. Baby Swing– These are essential. They are great to occupy your child while you are doing things around the house, and for some it is the only thing to stop their baby from crying. Invest in a nice one that swings itself. Ones that play music are also a plus.
  14. Diaper Bag– You want one that is versatile, easily attaches to your stroller with many pockets and compartments to keep you organized. And, guess what? They come in hip patterns and styles that make them hard to tell from purses. Why not bring a little fashion to your diaper bag?
  15. Baby Carrier– Sometimes the newest and most expensive isn’t always the best fit! Be sure to try them out. Each woman is built differently and the last thing you want is an uncomfortable carrier to lug around all day.
  16. Breast Pump– Determine whether you need a high tech, electric at-home brand, or a small hand pump model if you’re returning to work soon.
  17. High Chair- An easy to clean model that is sturdy and safe are the two requirements for this kitchen essential.
  18. Diaper Pail- Be sure to get a diaper pail that is airtight to avoid messes and unwanted odors.
  19. Bottles- Bottles are essential for both breast and formula fed babies. If strictly breastfeeding, start with about four. If formula feeding, you may need upwards of 12 bottles. Be sure to get brands that are free of BPA. Fortunately, many baby products are already made like this so they shouldn’t be hard to find.
  20. Baby Bathtub- Avoid the dangers of bathing your baby in an adult bathtub and instead add a baby bathtub to your registry. Those with grippy or sponge interior to keep you child from slipping, and those with an upward contour to provide additional support are good qualities to look for in a baby bathtub.
  21. Hooded Bath Towels- Two or three bath towels are all that are needed to quickly wrap up and dry off your baby after a bath.
  22. Wash Clothes- Five to seven washcloths are a good goal as you will go through many of these.
  23. Snowsuit, Mittens- Depending on your climate and when your baby is born, you will most likely need a set of these.
  24. Outer Layers- Fleece jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters are all necessary to bundle up your baby in the cooler months. You could also buy them a few sizes larger so your baby can grow into them.
  25. Baby Monitor- Baby monitors are not what they used to be! Consider looking into those with moving video monitors, and those with talk back capability so you can soothe your baby without having to drop what you’re doing.
  26. Digital Thermometer- If you’re concerned your baby might have a fever, it is important to know their exact temperature, so get a quality digital thermometer.
Do you have other items that you think we should have included in our registry guide? Let us know in the comments section below.

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