Lower your cholesterol without medication

Medications are just one way to lower your cholesterol levels. There are many other natural options to bring down your levels, too.

A healthy diet without saturated fat will help decrease your LDLs, also known as the “bad” cholesterol. Here are some tips to lower your cholesterol without needing a prescription.

Avoid foods like egg yolks, fatty meats and full-fat dairy products. Incorporating salmon, nuts and oatmeal into your diet can also help to lower your cholesterol naturally.

Exercising is another solution. And it doesn’t require being an extreme athlete or running marathons. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get moving—anything that will get your heart rate pumping will help.

Being overweight can contribute to high cholesterol levels. So if you drop some extra pounds—chances are, your LDLs will follow.

Still not happy with your cholesterol level? You can also try supplements. But check with your doctor before you try them out. Niacin and soluble fiber can help, and studies show that artichoke leaf will do the trick as well.