How can I control my autistic child’s self injurious behavior?

Hi Dr. Manny, I live in Australia and have four boys.  My second son, now 27 years old, has autism and an intellectual handicap.  Danny lives with us at home and will do so until I can no longer care for him.  He is affectionate to me but has self injurious behavior quite often, and this totally determines the course of his life and limits his horizons.  We’ve tried various medications including anti- depressants and Risperidone, but he actually does much better med-free and has been so for several years now.  Please let me know if you come across any techniques or methods to control or decrease his self-injurious behavior. – Mandy

Mandy, thanks your for question.  I hope and pray that your son finds the peace he needs.  I know that you have tried Risperidone; however, I prefer Abilify because it controls the hyperactive phase of psychological irritability much better.  I will look into other options for you and let you know as soon as possible.