Don’t take away football from kids, just make it safer

On October 3, I came across a story concerning a school board member in New Hampshire, named Dr. Paul Butler, who wants to end football programs at local schools due to the risks of concussions, which can lead to brain injuries later in life.

Butler, a retired physician and member of the Dover School Board, proposed eliminating football at Dover High School and younger levels, citing medical evidence suggesting that even a single blow to the head can lead to multiple brain injuries, because it can cause the brain to rattle around in the skull.

While I respect Dr. Butler’s opinion because, indeed, football can be a dangerous sport for many children, I would humbly argue that, instead of erasing a dream many young high school athletes have, what he and other officials should do is strive to make the sport safer.

The fact of the matter is, I don’t think you can ever eliminate football from the culture of this country.  Every week, these children will continue to watch the sport on television, or even hear about kids in other districts playing in games.

So, how do we make football safer?