Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

Who doesn’t love dinosaur chicken nuggets? I’m pretty sure all kids do – and most grown ups. We’ve tried the organic frozen Applegate nuggets from the store but they don’t really taste good and are still very highly processed, I haven’t found a good organic gluten free option and I’d much rather stay away from processed foods and make my own so I can control the quality of ingredients I use. So I made my own. I make them in large batches, usually 2 or 3 pounds of chicken at a time so that I can have some for dinner and then keep the rest in the freezer. They come in really handy when you don’t have any leftovers for a preschool lunch or are in a pinch. I usually serve these with baked sweet potato fries, or green pancakes, which I also make in large batches and keep in the freezer!

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I’ve made chicken nuggets a ton of different ways, I’ve used ground chicken, I’ve added apple sauce and veggies, I’ve breaded in oatmeal, gluten free crackers, organic cornmeal.

This is the recipe that became a keeper and was inspired by a recipe by the Paleo Parents but it’s been modified to our tastes and we love it! I’m not sure why we named it dinosaur chicken but it just stuck.



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