Can Obesity Impact the Ability to Concieve?

There are many different health issues that can make it difficult to get pregnant. And even when the timing is just right, some couples have only a 20 percent chance of conceiving.

Being overweight can cause an imbalance in your reproductive hormones, which affects your menstrual cycles and may prevent ovulation.

So the best thing you can do is lose the excess weight – but if you’re going to keep trying without losing the weight – it’s important you understand there are risks associated with obesity.

Hypertensive disorders, like preeclampsia, during pregnancy are the leading cause of maternal and fetal death and illness.

Gestational diabetes is another condition you could be at risk for if you are carrying excess weight during pregnancy. Studies show children born to mothers with this condition have an increased risk for obesity later in life.

And premature birth, blood clots and even loss of the pregnancy are also associated with being overweight and pregnant.

The best thing you can do is maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right, taking prenatal vitamins and staying active, and talk to your doctor about all of your options to help you conceive. Medical science can do amazing things for hopeful parents like you and your husband.