Body Image Standards After #byebyebikini in Miss America

Miss America swimsuit competition

Miss America recently announced that it is eliminating the swimsuit portion of the pageant. This news is sparking tons of reactions because of the change to female body image. Women no longer have to walk down the stage in a bikini while America judges them. Instead, Miss America plans to schedule interviews with each contestant.

Women are posting their reactions all over social media. It is surprising to see that the majority of responses are of mixed opinions. Some women view #byebbyebikini as a change to the female body image. This even works alongside the #metoo movement in order to add more value to the female gender. On the other hand, people also feel like it is eliminating a tradition.

Twitter Reactions

One Twitter user and Miss America fan wrote, “I’m excited to see a new era of #MissAmerica with emphasis on scholarship, talent, and the inner beauty of women.”

Furthermore, Gretchen Carlson, the board of trustees chair for the organization, mentioned that Miss America is changing from a pageant to a competition. The positive feedback suggests that the event will become more about inner beauty than in the past.

However, some other women out there are outraged by the change.

A past contestant, Kendall Morris, posted her less positive thoughts on Twitter about losing the swimsuit portion of the competition.

She expressed the value of modeling a swimsuit because it gives her a goal to work towards. Not only does she see it as a reason to work out and eat healthy, but she also sees it as something that combats obesity.

What it says about the 2019 female body image

As women are speaking out through the #metoo movement, the sexualization of women is becoming something negative. By Miss America eliminating the bikini portion, the pageant is, in fact, transitioning to inner beauty evaluation.

This does not necessarily eliminate all outer beauty judging or discourage fitness routines. Instead, it allows women to be heard as well as seen.

While some Miss America fans will miss the traditional swimsuit portion, it is important to see the forward thinking. The minds of women are now valued equally as much as their nearly naked bodies in Miss America. This is sending a message to America as well as the idea of gender and beauty as a whole.

2019 seems to be moving towards equality and respect. Many people will miss the traditional pageant, but the original values still remain. This is especially true of the Miss America Foundation that works to encourage female scholarship.

Beauty will always play a role in society, but it doesn’t have to dominate it. Whether this was a political move or not, it takes a huge step for women’s rights and body image.