America’s Got Talent, but at what cost?

Yesterday, I was watching the new season of America’s Got Talent with excitement, especially because their new judge Howard Stern is one of my favorite radio personalities.  But I have to tell you, I was shocked to see an act I thought was highly dangerous and idiotic – which nevertheless was put through to the next round.

Many of you are likely talking about this particular act today, because it involved a young man who allowed himself to be relentlessly kicked in the testicles, as well as hit with pieces of wood.  He even had cinderblocks broken in his groin.  Worse, the audience and the judges loved it.
I was watching the show with my two teenage boys, and of course, ‘Dumb’ and ‘Dumber’ immediately started kicking each other in the testicles. I flipped out and told them to get out of my sight.
Howard Stern mentioned this act was just like watching The Three Stooges. Well, I grew up watching that show and let me tell you, I don’t recall the stooges ever kicking themselves in the groin.
And besides, The Three Stooges shtick was all gimmicks and, more importantly, acting.  What I saw last night were true physical attacks on one of the most important areas a man should protect.
Let me be Dr. Manny here, for a moment.  The testicles are located in a sack called the scrotum.  They are outside the body and, therefore, have very little protection. Their main function is to produce testosterone and sperm.
Trauma to the testicles is usually uncommon because most men are very careful in protecting them, especially during sporting events or other physical activities.  But a direct hit into the testicular area could lead to many severe medical problems – for instance, you could have partial or complete ripping of the testicles.
This injury could lead to bleeding, infertility, infection, and many times the only way to fix the problem is to surgically remove them. Many people who suffer testicular trauma also complain of bruising, swelling, fever and difficulty urinating.
Another important thing to remember is that testicular trauma can lead to the formation of testicular tumors down the road.  For many men, these tumors are asymptomatic and only found after they feel an abnormal solid lump in their scrotum.
So let me challenge Mr. Stern and his fellow judges.  Since you did not give this act an “X” during the initial trial, I would hope that if these men come to Las Vegas with a similar act, you “X” them immediately because this act certainly has no talent, but a lot of pain.