A Guide For Preparing to Giving Birth Around the Holidays


Being pregnant is a joyous time for a woman, but what happens when the pregnancy includes the holiday season? When the holiday season rolls around, families tend to have do a lot, including making a big meal, plan a festive party, or traveling to see friends and loved ones. For a woman that is expecting doing typical holiday plans, it may not be as easy as it usually is, and some women may need a little guidance. Here is a guide for how to survive the holiday seasons while being pregnant.

Is Traveling Permitted?

A very good question, and the answer depends on how far along the mother-t0-be is. According to obstetricians, mothers can travel up to 32 weeks. However, for women who are that far along (32 weeks is 8 months) cannot take a flight that is over three hours long. For those who are traveling by car, obstetricians recommend a car trip no longer than six hours for women who are up to 32 weeks old. If a woman is 36 weeks pregnant, then no air travel is allowed, and traveling by car is limited to two hours.

WATCH: Dr Manny discusses travelling while pregnant.

What Foods Can Be Eaten?

The holidays are known to be a time when people really dig in and eat. However, pregnant women have to be careful as to what they eat because it can make them experience stomach problems. As a given, pregnant women need to stay away from foods that are too spicy or greasy, because it may make them sick. While some pregnant women can eat anything and be fine, only the mother-to-be knows what she can and cannot eat, and should remenber that even during the holidays.

What Happens If Labor Occurs Out of Town?

All the planning in the world cannot prevent Mother Nature from happening. Some women carefully plan a holiday trip, but still end up going into labor. However, if women do end up going into labor out of town, and away from their own doctor, there is nothing to worry about because any local hospital will be well-equipped to handle the birth.

Pregnant mothers do not need to worry about anything during the holiday season except having a good time. Though her pregnancy may be foremost on her mind, she needs to remember that everything is going to be okay no matter what! Happy Holidays!

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