21st Century Pregnancy Apps

Pregnant woman with mobile phone

Being a new mother in the 21st century certainly has its perks. While advice from our own mothers, family members, and friends is great, we now have a huge variety of resources at our fingertips. Nothing else can give you the most up to date research, groundbreaking technology, and ease of communication like apps do! We have compiled a list of 10 apps that can accompany you through your pregnancy journey. Not only can they keep you organized and answer any questions you might have, but they can also help you to pick a baby name, create a workout regimen, and even help you stay positive and stress free. The best part is that many of these apps are free, or only charge a small monthly fee. Why not give some of them a try and embrace your 21st century pregnancy? 

  1. Rise- Are you struggling to keep a balanced diet during pregnancy? Diet is key to providing your baby with all the necessary nutrients, and this pressure to cover all the bases can be stressful. Rise is a nutrition coaching app that connects you directly to a registered dietitian and provides one on one coaching to help you meet your goals. Many women find it challenging to manage their diet with a new baby on board. Are you gaining too much weight? Too little? Are you consuming the right amount of nutrients? Having Rise in your handbag at all times helps you to feel in control and informed. Try it free for a week!
  2. Pregnancy Companion- Pregnancy Companion is a pregnant woman’s best friend. Written by board certified obstetricians, it is like having a doctor at your fingertips. Pregnancy Companion provides a drug safety guide, fetal development calendar, appointment tracker, and doctor frequently asked questions, all to keep you organized and provide quick answers to most of your questions. To top it off, it’s free!
  3. Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson- Positive Pregnancy uses relaxation techniques, visualizations, and positive affirmations in order to provide comfort and positivity for expecting mothers. It promises to boost your energy levels, help you to build a connection with your baby, and improve sleeping patterns.
  4. Oh Baby! Fitness- Oh Baby! Fitness is facilitated by trainers specializing in pre and post natal fitness. It provides you with new yoga, pilates, and strength training moves weekly which are tailored to your specific week of pregnancy. You can begin with their four week free trial.
  5. WebMD Pregnancy- Another free app includes a contraction timer for once labor begins, a checklist of questions for prenatal visits, along with a journal to log your journey, as well as nutrition and exercise tips. The WebMD Pregnancy app boasts some of the best features from other apps, all combined into one simple program.
  6. Who’s Your Daddy- Lets not forget the Daddys out there! This app is made for first time dads. It provides to do lists, daily tips, a countdown to delivery, and also features a contraction counter. It promises to use understandable language – no scary medical terminology allowed. It does all of this with a dash of humor to keep the app fun and interesting for the man in your life.
  7. My Pregnancy Today- Created by the popular pregnancy and parenting recourse, Babycenter, this free app provides a number of tools for new mothers. The birth club allows you to communicate with other moms who are due at a similar time as you. The app also provides detailed videos so you can visualize what is happening in the womb.
  8. 50,000 Baby Names- Yes, there is even an app to help you name your baby. This one provides name meanings and a place to store your favorites. It can’t hurt to open up to some new name options, plus it’s free!
  9. Baby Pool- There is nothing better than sharing your pregnancy excitement with others. Baby Pool is a pregnancy guessing game which gets your family and friends involved. Participants can guess the gender, delivery time, all the way up to height, weight, and name of your baby! You are even able to make announcements about your baby for participants to see. This adds ease to the post delivery rush of phone calls– everyone can be notified with one click. Not only that, but it may foster some friendly competition among loved ones!
  10. Prenatal Smart- Want to avoid a trip to the computer before every meal? This app allows you to search the foods you are about to eat. It provides facts about the food, along with whether it is safe to eat while pregnant.

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