Healthy (and Tasty) Chip and Dip Recipe

With football season upon us, your guests may have an increasing demand for tasty side dishes and snacks to accompany their viewing. Dips are the perfect snack to serve a crowd, especially when everyone craves something hearty and comforting but a full meal is out of the question. These dishes can be packed with fat, calories, and sodium. Not to fear, a few alterations can transform any dip recipe by reducing calories, fat, and other needless calories.

While it may make any host more comfortable to seek out a ready made recipe when preparing a dip for a crowd, the ability to create unique flavor combinations is much easier than it may seem. Keep these pillars in mind: temperature; texture, and flavor.

If creativity isn’t your strong suit, try some simple modifications to a classic dip. If you love spinach artichoke dip, spice it up with a dash of cayenne pepper for a bit of a spicy kick. For a guacamole that’s much more memorable, add a bit of mango. Use fresh herbs whenever possible to enhance flavors.

Don’t be afraid to play around with mixing flavors and create something new.

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