Will CBD Oil Really Help Me Sleep?


Dear Dr. Manny,

I keep seeing ads for CBD oil. My one friend sells it. Does it really do all that people say it does? Does it help me with my sleeping problem?

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, can have a beneficial effect on your ability to sleep. The human body naturally produces cannabinoid chemicals that play into what is called the endocannabinoid system. 

The system is a network of receptors that regulate the nervous system. It is related to the endocrine system and the release of hormones. Receptors also take care of the immune system’s response, the creation of new memories, the retention of old memories, appetite control, and stress responses. 

CBD oil influences your system to reduce pain and relieve anxiety. With these two symptoms alleviated, patients often find that they can sleep much better than before. 

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If you have chronic pain, then CBD oil might help your body to manage the pain and sleep better at night. People with arthritis, cancer, and other conditions find they do much better with CBD oil. 

CBD oil alone won’t necessarily put you to sleep, but it helps your body create ideal conditions for longer, restful sleep. 

CBD is a safe supplement, with no overdose. However, it can interfere with other medications, so if you plan to use it with other medications, consult your doctor.