What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Heart Disease

Mark C. Houston, MD, MS
Houston, Mark.jpg

Coronary heart disease has long been the number one killer in this country, and for decades, we have been told about five basic risk factors: elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and smoking. But the truth is that heart disease is much more complex—with close to 400 risk factors!

In this innovative guide, Dr. Mark Houston helps readers discover the causes of heart disease, how to prevent and treat its debilitating effects via nutrition, nutritional supplements, exercise, weight management, and lays to rest to various myths (cholesterol is not the primary cause) based on scientific studies and medical publications.

Readers will also learn how to indentify the risk factors most likely to endanger them and construct an arsenal of non-pharmacological preventative strategies that can counteract this most deadly disease.

This book is easy to follow, with each chapter dedicated to the risk factors of greatest concern for most people. Dr. Houston also includes sample recipes and exercise routines to help reach optimal heart health. Furthermore, this book spells out which vitamins and supplements work best for different concerns. With help from Dr. Houston, you will gain the knowledge and power to start making healthy lifestyle changes to lower your risks for heart disease.