Toddlers’ Nutrition Is Lacking DHA

Child Eating SaladParents have the responsibility to make sure that their children are getting everything they need so that their little bodies will grow to be strong and healthy. However, the important fact that some parents are forgetting is that their child’s brain is also developing. In order to ensure that their little minds are developing as they should, toddlers should eat an omega-3 fatty acid called DHA, which can be particularly effective for growing minds. Unfortunately, studies have shown that, on average, toddlers are only getting about 25 percent of the DHA they need. Here are some tips to ensure that toddlers consume the right amount of DHA they need every single day.

The Right DHA Source For the Family

DHA is found in many different foods and, in a family, everyone is going to have their own personal favorites. DHA is found in dairy products and adding yogurt to the family diet may be one way to ensure everyone gets the DHA they need. Another DHA source that is quite popular is cheese sticks and they can also make a really great snack! 

Orange Juice Is a Tasty DHA Source

Orange juice is great first thing in the morning for breakfast and it is also an excellent natural source of DHA. Parents can keep some orange juice on hand whenever their kids get thirsty, which will mean plenty of DHA throughout the course of the day!

Be Creative At Dinner Time

Another great source of DHA is fish, but getting toddlers and children to eat fish can be quite difficult. However, since DHA is in many varieties of fish such as tuna, shrimp, salmon, and sole, this is the perfect time for parents to get creative. Dinner time can be fun and there are plenty of tasty recipes that eventually everyone in the family will find their own favorite. Before long, everyone in the family will love eating fish, even the kids!

DHA is important for the growth of children’s brains, but studies have shown that they are not eating nearly enough of it on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are plenty of foods that contain DHA, which should make it somewhat easy for parents to find ways to incorporate more of it into their kids’ diets. 

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