The Colored Coffee Mug Experiment

cup of coffee and pancakes on the table

The way we see colors can do more than to just help us ensure our clothes or cars look good. Believe it or not, colors can change the flavor of anything, even food and drink. To prove that colors of things like plates and mugs can change the eating and drinking experience, an experiment was performed with coffee and the colors of the mugs it was served in.

Coffee Served In White Mugs

There are some brews of coffee that are very strong and bitter. Some people like to drink black coffee because they love the strong bitter flavor, but others prefer to alter their coffees to reduce the bitterness. As part of the color experiment, cups of coffee were served to people in plain white mugs. Despite the fact that the coffee was not exceptionally bitter, people who drank the coffee from the white mugs claimed it was the bitterest coffee they ever tasted!

Coffee Served In Clear Mugs 

Some people buy clear plates, glasses, and coffee mugs for their home. The fact they can see their coffee makes clear mugs very appealing, which is why another experiment took place with coffee served in transparent mugs. People who drank regular coffee in a see-through mug told the researchers that the coffee tasted very sweet, as if it had been loaded with enough sugar to kill the bitterness. Isn’t it amazing how a clear mug can turn even very bitter coffee nice and sweet?

Coffee Served In Blue Mugs

The last phase of the experiment involved coffee served in blue mugs. The results were interesting to say the least. Some people found the coffee in these mugs was overly sweet, while others found it to be overly bitter. 

Coffee can be good to the last drop, but never discount the importance of the color of mug it is served in as it can really make a significant difference in the taste. It may be hard to believe, but if this experiment is any indication, the difference between enjoying the flavor of a cup of coffee or not, may just boil down to the color of the mug you choose to use.

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