Skin to Skin Contact Important For Mother and Baby Bonding

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Mother-Holding-Newborn-baby-c-sectionWomen who give birth to their babies via a vaginal birth get the experience of holding their babies the moment they are born. The newborn baby is placed on the mother’s chest, and the two of them get their first glimpses of one another. However, this opportunity to instantly bond with their newborn does not present itself to moms who have C-sections. Women with c-sections are drugged and the baby is instantly taken away to be cleaned up and weighed. It can be an hour or two before mother and child are actually reunited. What follows are three of the primary benefits of immediate skin on skin contact.

Relaxation for Both Mother and Baby

The birth of a child can be very stressful, whether it is a natural birth or one involving a c-section. Once the baby is born, if moms and babies are able to have skin on skin contact, it can send them both into a state of total relaxation. Studies have shown that mothers and babies that share this time together immediately after birth experience many health benefits. For moms, there is a lower risk of postpartum depression, while for babies there’s a greater feeling of security and the result is that they will generally sleep better.

Breastfeeding Made Easier

When a woman is lying flat on her back and her child is placed on her chest and stomach right after birth, the position makes it easy for babies to latch onto the mother’s breasts. It is important for babies to eat right after they are born, and lying skin to skin makes it simpler for mom and baby to get a handle on breastfeeding.

Emotional Bonding For Mother and Child

Mom and baby meeting each other shortly after birth is the best way for them to form a connection they will have for the rest of their lives. Some women get so emotional looking down at those tiny faces that they start to cry, and it can truly be a magical moment for everyone!

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