Picking the right kind of water

What’s your favorite kind of water?  You may think that’s a silly question, because water is just water.  Right?  Wrong.  The basic chemical composition may be the same, but when it comes to taste, there are as many different kinds of water as there are places supplying it.  And that, for me is where the real problem with drinking water comes in.

Our bodies contain more water than anything else. The actual percentage of water varies depending on gender, weight, age, and a lot of other factors – but the bottom line is our bodies need water to survive.  Water contributes to all the chemical processes inside us. Water is also one of the main ways our bodies remove toxins, waste and even heat from our systems through sweat and urine.  Those systems only work when we put enough water back in so everything can stay in balance.

So what’s your favorite kind of water?  If you say “tea-flavored” or “coffee-flavored” or even “diet soda-flavored” I think you’re just fooling yourself.  Those things aren’t water.  Your body needs pure H2O, not coffee, soda or even sports drinks. My personal philosophy is that if I can’t pronounce some of the ingredients, I don’t want to drink it.

Now, if you’re saying, “I don’t like the taste of water”, I’ll admit that I used to agree. Water didn’t taste good to me. What I finally figured out is that I just hadn’t found the right kind of water.  Different kinds of bottled water don’t all taste the same.  The source of the water as well as the filtering process all contribute to the taste.