I was disappoontedby youropinion on lecturing new moms everytime they ask for formula. I cannot have children but have been dreading Dr visits that i never used to mind attending b/c all my doctors go thrum the lift of lectures and judgments before ever getting to my reason for a visit. I’m at perfect weight low cholesterol great blood pressure…but every Dr lectures me because my spouse smokes and then because I am tan-i use zinc50 and have always been tan and the list goes on. Ifi don’t like how you treat me and I feel bad everyone I leave then I find I avoid my doctor unless I get so sick that it scares me. That is not good. I used to care about preventive care and getting a physical etc but the lectures drive me away. My own ob can discuss breastfeeding benefits and then should let it go! If I just had a baby and got lectured multiple times a day by nurses who don’t know why I am not breastfeeding I would be enraged and bate the medical profession even more. That is not good for my health or my child’s health.
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Ivette. Sorry you feel this way. I’ll post your comments and let the readers decide. Thanks