i really enjoyed your segment on the news, i liked hearing your views on kids today . you touched briefly on drugs and how well(or not so well) our tactics are working to keep kids away. on the same episode, there was a brief segment about 17 magazine and how they’re becoming more natural, in hopes of attracting a crowd that is not so much into vanity…i don’t think they’re doing a good job. i always wondered, as a mom of three boys and a grandma of a 3 year old girl, why there isn’t something out there that keeps it real and attracts young readers. what do you think and would it be something that holds it own in the public media, let’s face it the DARE program doesn’t work, and out of all the publications out there, where is the magazine that keeps it real??
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betsy wolf
Thank you for your kind words/ You are right we need to keep our world more real and natural. This is going to be a tough war but parents need to take stand and demand and support traditional values and reject all the nonsense in the media today. We need more people like you.