How To Get Babies To Eat Vegetables

Young Beautiful Mother And Her Cute Curly Toddler Daughter WashiWhen it comes to feeding their babies, the biggest battle that all parents will face is getting their little one to eat vegetables. Once a baby reaches a certain age, the pediatrician is going to recommend that the baby be started on baby cereal in addition to the bottle of formula they drink. This begins the process of introducing solid food to the baby. The process is slow to allow time for the baby to adjust to the many different tastes and textures that are associated with eating. However, no matter what some parents do, there are some babies that never like the idea of eating vegetables, and it can be a struggle that parents are forced to deal with for many years. 

Getting Baby Used to the Taste of Vegetables

The first thing to understand is that vegetables do not have a sweet flavor comparable to formula or baby cereal. This contrast in the taste of the vegetables is the reason why a lot of babies reject them. At this age, babies are eating small baby jars with pureed vegetables, and this mushy form makes it easier to add them to anything like formula. Though it may sound strange to add pureed vegetables to formula, the combination of the two will help the baby adjust to the taste in a very subtle way.

Getting Baby Used to the Texture of Vegetables

Another way to get babies used to eating vegetables is to mix it in with their cereal. There are many flavors that baby cereal can come in, but the plainer the better because a sweet cereal flavor, with pureed vegetables mixed in, will not taste very good and defeat the purpose of introducing vegetables in a subtle way.  After a few weeks of adding vegetables to the formula and cereal, parents need to try giving it to them alone. At that point, the babies should be fine with the taste and texture of the pureed vegetables.

Vegetables are an important part of everyone’s lives, as they are an integral dietary component to maintaining a healthy body. However, parents often face the difficult task of trying to convince their children to eat vegetables. By using pureed vegetables introduced in their formula and cereal, babies will become accustomed to their taste and texture. In turn, when the time comes that babies are presented with meals including vegetables, there should be no problems at all! 

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