7 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Good Health

Want to make your loved one feel special without breaking their New Year’s resolution? Here’s an idea: instead of the usual restaurant, flowers or adult-themed gifts, give them something that will keep them healthy all year long.

Try a few of these ideas:

Drinking clean.

These days, more people are drinking water over soda or other sugary drinks—to the surprise and delight of doctors everywhere. If your partner’s trying to get more H20 in, why not let them drink the best?

ZeroWater pitchers stand above the rest. This UK-based company has managed to create a filter that diminishes nearly all contaminants in the water.

While this might surprise you, it succeeds at its job better than the ever-popular Brita filters. As a second-best, Pur performs well at filtering out contaminants too, according to the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

Double the punch.

Maybe your significant other is one of the thousands who’ve decided to exercise more in 2018. Try getting them a set of resistance bands to pack more punch into their exercise moves.

Not only are the bands portable and easy to use on many common bodyweight exercises, but they add extra tension to challenge your partner’s muscles.

Plus, this easy equipment piece won’t kill your budget either. Go for one of Dynapro’s colorful resistance bands or choose your partner’s favorite sports brand for extra brownie points.

A scale … just hear me out!

At first glance, giving your partner a weight scale might not seem like the best idea. But what about one that can give them feedback and help track their BMI and body composition? That might be a different story, especially if your loved one is serious about getting healthy.

Quardiobase 2 is a wireless scale and accurate body composition analyzer that syncs up with its Quardio app. It even gives feedback in the form of vibrations or smiley faces to cheer its users on without getting stuck on the numbers.

If you’ve got more than one person who wants to use it, no problem. It can keep its body composition facts separate per user, making life easier for everyone.

Workout in style.

One healthy lifestyle gift that’s almost guaranteed to get some use is running (or workout) shoes. For instance, your leading lady might adore the New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz, a running shoe with stability and sleek style. As a plus, she can easily slip the shoes on for a quick run to the store or walk at the park.

Fill it up.

Another easy, budget-friendly V-Day gift is a sleek water bottle that shines in its job. You could look for a nice style at the grocery store, or you could get classy with a few outside-the-box bottles.

First, you could opt for a bright-colored one from the Corkcicle Glossy Canteen collection. These bottles can keep cold things cold for a whopping 25 hours or hot things hot for over 12. On a hot summer workout day, your partner will be thanking you.

Or, you could try one of the sleek Embrava bottles. These water containers are actually made from eco-friendly, BPA-free polyester plastic.

With its carry strap and shatter-proof resistance, it’s a great option for your loved one on the go. If you decide to go with this one, you’ll even get it with a complimentary gift box—no need for wrapping.

Watch your heart.

Concerned about your loved one’s heart health? You might be able to find a few techy heart-monitoring systems out there, but nothing quite like AliveCor’s Kardiaband.

This innovative, FDA-approved tool that you pair with an Apple Watch can take medical-grade EKGs at a moment’s notice. Your loved one can even track their data over time and send results to their doctor for active monitoring.

The brand even features a less expensive KardiaMobile wireless EKG monitor that works through your smartphone. This option works well with many Android phones too.

Good eats.

If you’re still itching to get a tasty treat in that gift box, try stashing in a dozen RX Bars. Your loved one can enjoy these treats with tons of protein and only a few ingredients. The company even lists all the no-fuss ingredients on the front in bold, can’t-miss-it type.

Try chocolate sea salt or mixed berry for great Valentine’s Day flavor. There’s even a Chocolate Pack if your partner wants to indulge without going overboard.  

Ready to think outside the box for Valentine’s Day? Consider a thoughtful gift that your loved one can use all year to get healthy. If you want to add even more love and support, double up the gift for yourself and achieve your health goals together.