Support Your Partner While They’re Getting in Shape

It’s important to understand that actions always speak louder than words while you supporting your partner while they’re getting in shape. Many individuals understandably worry about saying the wrong thing and how they can say the right thing, but honestly this is entirely the wrong focus. Your partner will benefit much more from your support if you learn what is motivating them to lose weight in the first place, and how you can strengthen this motivation.

How Support Your Partner

There is no doubt that losing weight and getting in shape is difficult and challenging, so it’s incredibly important for individuals to receive the support they need from family and friends. The support they receive from their partner can honestly determine their overall success, so the important question becomes–how can one best be supportive?

One of the best ways to support a partner who is trying to get in shape is to be healthy around them. By making smart, healthful choices in their presence, you are demonstrating that healthful choices can be made, and that they are not alone in making them. This makes it easier for your partner to likewise make healthful choices.

Another way to support a partner who is trying to get in shape is to participate in physical activities with them. Whether one goes for bicycle rides, takes hikes or simply enjoys a long walk with their partner, these physical activities can help to focus attention on something besides food while simultaneously exercising the body. Here at WellSquad we can also help to find where they can find a trainer or fitness partner is also helpful.

At-home dinner preparation, instead of meals out, can be another wonderful way to support one’s partner in their health goals. It is an opportunity to work together to create and try healthy new dishes, and a great way to avoid high-calorie restaurant meals.

It is important to stay positive about your partner’s health goals, while also acknowledging that absolute perfection is not the end goal. Just as is the case with any other personal goal, an individual’s success in achieving and maintaining their good health is largely reliant on their own drive to do so. Supporting this journey means acknowledging their goals, and not trying to further define them based on one’s own expectations. With close teamwork and support, their goals can become reality.

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