Trim and Tone Like a Celeb for Your Valentine

If you’ve been following the steps of country singer Miranda Lambert, you know that she is the real deal. Over the last few years, she’s worked hard to tone up and trim down in order to feel better and stay healthy.

So what fad diet or pills has she used? That’s the kicker. Believe it or not, her way is the good old-fashioned kick-your-butt way.

Back in 2014, Lambert opened up to Women’s Health about how she trimmed down and shared some tips that have helped her along the way. And the best part is, because she is a fan of good old fashioned hard work, her diet and fitness regimen is timeless — and attainable!

Change your mind.

First, you have to get into the mindset of lifestyle, not diet. For too many people, a diet is something you do for a short period of time.

When you’re done, you go back to eating the same foods and portions that you always have. Unfortunately, in return, you’ll likely regain any weight you lost in the first place.

On the flip side, you can do what Lambert did and choose to make healthy a part of your everyday life. You don’t have to make drastic changes—just commit that you’re going to change your habits one step at a time.

Make a swap.

Once you’ve committed in your mind, then you can start making small changes. Try switching out one or two food choices for something healthier.

For example, eat grilled chicken instead of fried, and add a side of vegetables or fruit. Drink flavored water rather than soda, or try a lighter creamer in your coffee.

For dessert, limit yourself to one helping or order the smallest version on the menu. Do the same when you’re indulging a craving.

The changes don’t have to be drastic. In fact, if they are, you may have a harder time sticking to them. The point is that you’re making an effort, and soon you may even be craving the healthier option anyway.

Find what works.

Have you ever needed permission to just do what works for you? Here it is.

If you have a hard time with something, find a way to make it fit your lifestyle. Do you hate long workouts? Do 2 or 3 mini ones instead.

Do you despise vegetables? Try hiding them in meals or drinking them in smoothies.

If you know that you lose resolve by the end of the day, get a workout in first thing in the morning. Try a buddy system or join a fitness group. Whatever you need to do to make healthy lifestyle changes, implement those ideas and make it work.

Get moving.

Last, you know you have to burn calories or gain muscle to get in shape. So rather than make a million excuses, get outside or to the gym and get moving.

Also, know that you do need to challenge yourself at least a little. If you prefer walking, try speed walking for cardio. Swim laps around the pool rather than intermittent strokes, or go for a scenic bike ride over hilly terrain.

For any workout, switch up your routine and take a class or two just for fun. You might get more motivated if you train for an event or a take up a sport that you’ve always wanted to try. Then, make sure to add in a day or two of strength training, and you’re workout routine is set.

Shaping up for yourself and your significant other doesn’t have to be a stressful time. You can take small steps that will lead to big changes later, and Miranda Lambert is proof that this kind of routine works!