What Is Reiki? This Fast-Growing Stress Relief Activity Can Help You Heal

Reiki practice

Everyone’s lives are stressful and sometimes harmful, which leads to the constant search for relaxing hobbies. Reiki is a spiritual practice that has become especially popular in the past year. It’s becoming the new yoga because of its focus on relaxation and stress relief.

What is Reiki?

It is important to note that Reiki is not a religion. Mikao Usui established Reiki in 1914 as a type of spiritual practice. Its creation was based on meditation and the desire to achieve peace and harmony with the world and the body. The main aspect of this practice is “laying on hands,” which is done by an instructor or expert and directs “life force energy” through the student’s body. This would look like something in the photo below, especially if the student is feeling pain around the head or negative in the mind.

As the founder created the practice, he believed that this particular energy is what gives humans life. The level of this energy in each person varies depending on their state of mind and body, though. For example, the website says that illness and stress can lower life force energy levels. Happier and stress-free people are more likely to be healthy, which is the goal of Reiki.

The want is to establish a strong practice, life force energy, and therefore, healing and happiness. The more life force energy you have, the less likely you are to get or feel hurt, sick, and sad.

Reiki does not discriminate against different peoples—it is an all-natural healing method that works for everyone. It is unique because it doesn’t require mobility, fitness, or strength. The practice even works across cultural boundaries.

How can I try or start doing it?

The best way to begin practicing Reiki is through a class. The official website offers resources that help you find classes and instructions near you.

The only challenge with this practice is that the life force it uses cannot come from someone who has never felt it or been taught how to use it. Therefore, this is more difficult to learn than yoga or tai chi. For example, these other spiritual practices have large online presences, but Reiki cannot be practiced without the first in-person experience.

An instructor will direct the energy through you and teach you other aspects of Reiki in order for you to be able to practice in the future.

Does it work?

The official website claims that this practice will work whether or not you believe in it. This is really interesting because it seems like it requires a lot of concentration and spirituality. However, the experts suggest that it can work for non-believers just as well as it does for devoted people.

However, there is one catch to this statement. The life force, also known as “Ki,” can cause illness, but this is only when its flow is disrupted. Ki will not flow as well if a person’s thoughts or feelings are mainly negative. This will prevent the flow and therefore, the healing abilities of Reiki.

Even so, if you are a relatively positive person that is looking to relax and heal your body, then Reiki should work for you.

Is it safe?

It says all over Reiki websites that this is not something that can hurt you. There is no such thing as life force energy depletion, so you will never die from it or a practice that goes wrong.

The Reiki practice suggests that illness and pain come from the mind. Therefore, by not practicing, you put your body at risk for more sickness.

Try this new spiritual outlet without worrying about it not working or hurting you. The worst case scenario is that you feel the same, but the Reiki community doubts that this will be the case.

Hopefully, the result is a happier and healthier lifestyle with tons of life force energy and a relaxing mindset.