iPad: The New Tool for Making Medical Diagnoses

If it didn’t already seem like Apple’s high-tech devices were everywhere, now they’re moving into the doctor’s office too.The FDA has just approved software for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch that will allow doctors to use the devices to view images and make medical diagnoses from MRIs and CT, PET and SPECT scans, the Los Angeles Times reported.

After reviewing image quality and conducting studies with radiologists under different lighting conditions, the FDA determined the images on Apple devices were clear enough to use for making diagnoses.

The software, Mobile MIM, also comes with a safety guide and screen features, so physicians can detect subtle differences in contrast, which are important in making correct decisions for diagnoses and treatment.

However,the software is not approved for reading X-rays or mammograms, and it is only meant for use when there is no access to a workstation – though there is really no way of regulating the use, an FDA spokesperson admitted.

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